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Maeda Patent is a full-service intellectual property firm. From daily inspirations to cutting-edge technologies, we will support you to obtain patents and manage your intellectual property.

・Comprehensive service for Intellectual Property

・Obtaining intellectual property rights in Japan

・Providing strategy for Intellectual Property

・Providing to clients the best way to utilize and managing their intellectual rights

・Providing excellent services and conducting strict deadline management

・Expert opinions



・Filing an application for Patent, Utility model, Design and Trademark in Japan

・Responding to Office Actions

・Preparing and filing other procedures

・Annuity Payments on Patent, Utility model, Design and trademark

・Providing a cost-effective and detailed service

Please send your message through inquiry form if you have any questions about patent, utility, design, and trademark.

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In Technoplaza, facilites relating to intellectual property such as the Science and Technology Library, the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation Office, the Intellectual Property Center, etc are assembled.

Our head office is located in such a suitable environment for performing intellectual property-related business.

Firm Overview



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